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    Cruising through many states of America, remnants of eateries of the past can still be found. Travel back to a stage in time with me to rekindle the memories of food franchises and the lost cuisine of bygone days. We can remember the presence of these dining experiences in their heyday long ago, but still etched in moments and recollections.

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    After looking at pictures of past vacations I can remember long ago of eating in establishments of which that no longer exist. With the feeling of why and when they had ceased operations, I chose to create this site. To my surprise there are a lot more than I expected and, on this site, I will list the ones found searching for more information.

    Choosing to not only list the chain enterprises, but decide to throw in smaller diners, steak houses, etc. if they had more than one location. Sift through the pages and see if you can recall a time visiting one of them with friends or family.

    In part during the present time besides the larger companies dominating the market shutting out smaller businesses, another factor is the changing attitude toward fast food. The competition has started to lean in the direction of more healthy selections in this society and those not wanting to or able to offer alternatives may be forced to close their doors.

    In the listings on this site, I hope to pay respect and honor in some small way to those food chains and small offerings that were not only a memory. The remains of some still found at their original locations are barely recognizable from years of neglect and abandonment and leave the viewer with a feeling of melancholy.