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    Cruising through many states of America, remnants of eateries of the past can still be found. Travel back to a stage in time with me to rekindle the memories of food franchises and the lost cuisine of bygone days. We can remember the presence of these dining experiences in their heyday long ago, but still etched in moments and recollections.

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    Throughout this country, forgotten remnants of food enterprises lie dormant, never to open their doors again to the waiting customers. The long lines once a bustling noise of those waiting for food are not serving anything but dust to ghosts of the past.

    This country has seen prosperity for sure, but vacant buildings everywhere serve as a constant reminder that nothing lasts forever. While small family-operated restaurants are always in peril at times of economic downturn, larger chain eateries are typically thought to be safe.

    Even fast-food giants like Kenny Rogers Roasters, Howard Johnson's, and White Tower Hamburgers sometimes must close their doors forever. Gone are the days when these establishments served up the fare of burgers and fries, to become abandoned and taken over by nature to become part of the mural of nature.

    The fast food industry still holds a place in our society even with the the mania of healthy choices. In this country, the overwhelming amount of these entries totals more than fifty thousand locations to select from.

    One main reason that some of the smaller institutions have closed is because of the massive amount of presence of major players in food chain companies such as McDonald's, Subway, and Starbucks. In the entire world, the total collection of fast food organizations still has locations which are approximately a half million to choose from.